Fire Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung Recall Click Here: AT&T And T-Mobile Halt Sales Of Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7s

FIRE PHONE: “While Samsung investigates multiple reports of issues, T-Mobile is temporarily suspending all sales of the new Note7 and exchanges for replacement Note7 devices.

Customers can still bring their recalled Note7 or the new replacement Note7, along with accessories they purchased from T-Mobile, to a T-Mobile store for a full refund and choose from any device in T-Mobile’s inventory. We’ll waive any restocking charges, and customers who purchased during pre-order can keep the free Netflix subscription and Gear Fit or SD card they received.

Customers should visit a T-Mobile retail store to begin the return process. For additional questions, customers can call our customer care line at 1-844-275-9309. To help offset any additional costs our customers may have incurred throughout this process, anyone who returns their recalled Note7 will automatically receive a one-time $25 credit on their T-Mobile bill within two bill cycles.

Customers can learn more at

For more information from Samsung, see  For more information from the CPSC, see” [samsung statement]

From Forbes: “The saga of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones continues. At a time when Samsung should be re-building trust with consumers, it appears there are even more problems happening with the phones–the supposedly safe replacement ones.

There have now been at least three reports of problems with replacement Note 7 phones in the U.S. In one case, a Southwest had to evacuate a flight because of a Note 7 that was billowing smoke. In another, a phone started to heat dangerously while a 13-year-old girl in Minnesota was holding it. And in yet another case, a man reportedly had to be treated in the hospital for smoke inhalation after his phone started to emit smoke in his bedroom while he was asleep.”

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